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Category: What did I learn?


Week 8 period 3 (6)

This week Hidde was not at school, because of Corona. I worked on the test week task by myself, and actually got 2 1/2 things done. I first started working on finishing the cloud-server, and I learned how to activate it through a different PC by using the network. After this, I worked on making…
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Week 7 period 3 (6)

This week, Hidde and I got a new task to create a ‘physical’ network, but this time we already got the installation packages online. I started working on the cloud server and learned how to easily create a cloud server using OwnCloud on a Raspberry Pi during installation. What did I learn? What went well?

Week 6 period 3 (6)

This week, Hidde and I got a task from Leo. He told us to create a small network using Raspberry Pis. During this lesson, I learned a lot about Raspberry Pis, and how they operate. I also learned what you need to create a cloud server on a Raspberry Pi. What did I learn? What…
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Week 5 period 3 (6)

This week I worked with a program called Filius. In this program, you have to create networks, and make them up and running. Leo gave us a few tasks to perform on this program, and this learned us a lot about creating networks and how different IPs work. What did I learn? What went well?

Week 4 period 3 (6)

This week I finished working on NetCad, and Leo gave us a new task with a wheelchair and a GPS. First, I finished NetCad, which took me quite some time still. During these tutorials, I learned even more about networks, and about Submarine Cable Maps. After working on NetCad, Hidde and I started working on…
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Week 3 period 3 (6)

This week I finally started working on Informatica. Hidde and I started working on a website called: Netcad. This website learned us the basics of the IoT. It learned us what different networks were, and more about storage. I did not finish all of the tutorials on the website in one week, but I did…
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Week 2 period 3 (6)

This week I did not work on Informatica, because the lessons were canceled. This was the second week in a row that I did not work on Informatica, which was starting to be a problem. This week there will also not be a paged called: What went well.

Week 1 period 3 (6)

Leo was not at school this Thursday. Therefore, I did not work on Informatica this week. This was, however, not a problem because there would be more weeks to come. There will not be a page called: what went well.

Week 8 period 2 (6)

This week I worked on creating gears, which was quite difficult at the beginning. However, after a few minutes, I learned about the extra functions in Fusion 360 and created a gear with an implemented python program. After that, I worked with components to almost finish the gears, which was also fun and easy to…
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Week 7 period 2 (6)

We missed this week, because of “meerweek”. What did I learn? What went well?